What’s this?

Oh my!  Lately, Michael has been keeping the kids a lot while I work.  I always wondered what they did as a family to “pass the time” while I was working.  My delusional thoughts led me to think they were sitting sadly on the couch just waiting for mommy to return.  But then, I found this and realized there is a big old party going on while mommy’s working!  img_4047Look at her playing in her oatmeal!  She is really loving the texture of that stuff!


img_4050Oh my goodness!  Thomas and James have a whole new look! And the table does too, it’s officially got polka dots on the legs!




2 Responses to “What’s this?”

  1. Lauren Woods Says:

    They are getting so big. It’s nice to see your photos again.

  2. Dennis Wilson Says:

    looks like fun

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