I can’t believe my little baby is already 3 years old!  Aidan turned 3 on October 28th.  We were totally unsure of living situations a month ago, so we didn’t plan a party until we moved into our new house.  This was the first time I have ever entertained a large group of people in my own home!  I had a blast, hope all of you did too…

Here it is the end of the day and I just tucked Aidan into bed,  Michael and I both asked him if he had a good day (mind you we spoke to him about a birthday party a month ago, and he replied with “I wanna have my b’day at the old LP”.  We tried hard to explain that the building is there but there is no LP there anymore, he didn’t quite understand, I wondered how today would go over in Aidan’s eyes.  Well, it was a complete success, he never mentioned LP and he said his day was great!  His favorite present was a dirtbike and jump set from Dominique and Josh.  In fact, while tucking him in, I realized he decided to sleep with that present!  (Wonder if he’ll even sleep tonight?).  I’m telling you, I had a great time today with him, I’m so thankful the Lord blessed Michael and me with this precious boy!

In case when you grow old you decide to go back and read this:  Aidan, mommy loves you more than the stars and the moon.  My prayer for you is that you follow the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind!  I am so proud of you this far in life, and can’t wait to see what Christ has for your future!  Happy Birthday!  I love you:)

And, for the rest of you, here’s a couple pics of the day’s festivities:


I thought for a moment, he was going to touch the flame, so I “helped” him blow out the candles, of course, he had no idea I helped…


Yeah, that’s right, we had some Halo going on at this third b’day!  The guys look like they’re having fun, not sure who won though?

Thanks everyone for coming, we are so happy to have friends and family who love us so much!  Aidan also says thank you for all the awesome gifts, I’m telling you it’s like Christmas around here now!


4 Responses to “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIDAN!”

  1. codybreault Says:

    I won. 🙂

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    Oh good, I was wondering last night as I posted this:) Go Cody!

  3. jolittle Says:

    great party… the best part was seeing all of us at your house celebrating together. “We are family”
    Aunt Jo is working on those sheets… (I think they got lost in shipment)

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    get your money back for shipping!

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