Acts 21

Read: Acts 21

Key Verse: Acts 21:5-6  When we returned to the ship at the end of the week, the entire congregation, including women and children, left the city and came down to the shore with us. There we knelt, prayed, and said our farewells. Then we went aboard, and they returned home.

My Reflections:  I love how the “entire congregation” followed the disciple to bid them farewell.  This verse makes it so obvious the generosity and overwhelming love these people had for others! I like the congregation, as a group, were so closely knit together.  It’s like they were one giant family!  This is my prayer for my church.   That we would all become close brothers and sisters in Christ, as though we were blood relatives.  There’s nothing I would love more, than to have some new best friends, girls I can call my family!  How cool that will be!

My Prayer:  Father, I thank you for the chance to walk through Acts with You and other believers together!  Thank you for all You have shown me and taught me through this journey already.  Thank you for the example in Acts of the church!  I pray, that you would give me some deep knit, close relationships with the other women in this church plant!  I pray that I would never backbite or hurt them.  Make them my family.  Thank you for the chance to be on this journey with Cinema Church, and lead me to be the woman you want me to be! I love you Father, Amen.


One Response to “Acts 21”

  1. jolittle Says:

    I love your prayer… you are one of the most faithful women I am privledged to know. I pray I am one of those women that you are closely knit with. You have convicted me with you faithfulness in this study. Thank you, you’re a blessing. xo

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