Acts 20

Read: Acts 20

Key Verse: Acts 20:11 Then he went upstairs again and broke bread and ate. After talking until daylight, he left.

My Reflection:  There were so many verses I loved in this chapter.  This one, I feel like, was really good for me today.  I can think back of times in my life, where I have had the chance to sit up with other people and learn about Christ until late into the night, and even sometimes morning.  I think of different summer trips, winter retreats, and things like that, that Christ has let me be apart of!  It’s absolutely amazing.  Now, I’m praying I will have the chance to go to Catalyst, and room with some awesome women, and stay up late into the night, and even daybreak, to discuss Christ and life with Christ!  Hope to go, and see many wonderful women go too!

My Prayer:  God, thank you for the awesome times I have had between you and other believers!  I pray, that if it’s your will, I would have the chance to go to “catalyst” and learn even more about my walk with you!  May it be a chance of awesome growth for anyone that has the chance to go!  Thank you Father, Amen!


One Response to “Acts 20”

  1. dewilsonx Says:

    Woo Catalyst

    Cant wait

    Also i noticed

    Your so far ahead in Acts than me

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