Acts 19

Read: Acts 19
Key Verse: Acts 19:15 (One day) the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you?”

My Reflection:  That amazes me how the demons even claim to know of Jesus!  It just strikes that even they know the truth.  With that being known, it makes it even easier to spread the good news.  If a demon can claim I know Jesus, I want to proclaim it and know it even more!  He is my God and I need to share it loud and clear and give all credit of accomplishments in my life solely to Him.

My Prayer: Lord, thank you that you are my God, my Salvation, my Refuge!  May I proclaim about You to everyone I know.  Let me have the spirit of power to share your plan with others.  God, please make me bold with my faith, help me not to be hindered.  Show me where I need to be more verbal about You in my life!  Make me bold for you Father, Amen.


2 Responses to “Acts 19”

  1. codybreault Says:

    Hi, you’ve been really doing well with your bible study. I’ve slacked mega and havent moved from 16… Guess I should get on top of that.

    Friday came and the money tried being taken out of my bank and it didn’t.. Chris had to put money in he was planning on spending for something.. I dont know, and then I got my check the next day and he took it from me.. He was super pissed and I was dissapointed. I got in a lot of trouble from my cousin and she told me I needed to keep track of my finances better (even though it wasnt directly related to me not keeping my finances in check..) So yeah.

  2. randirobot Says:

    i couldnt pick a verse at first, but i like what you wrote! i didn’t even see it that way until you wrote it!

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