My Little Baby’s growing up…

Today, we celebrated Cameron’s first b’day! I would love to show some pictures of the amazing day we had. However, crazy mommy, forgot her camera! Go figure! Anyway, we rented the pavilion at Lake Pocotapaug. Her party started at 1pm, and I was actually able to get the kids and myself to the lake by 11am. Good thing too, we jumped in the water and played together before all our guests arrived. Then right at 1, our guests began to arrive, as did the downpours of rain, accompanied by their friends, lightning, and thunder! It was pretty cool to watch the storms from the covered porch facility.

There were many friends and family that joined us today, and I think we all had a great time! Donny, and Dennis, are like fish! They were swimming around the lake like crazy! Hannah and Lauren were busy with their dad building sandcastles, and there were also people at some point using the tennis courts too!

Cameron loved her b’day cake and ate quite a bit of frosting as well as cake! Her big brother, well, he ate like a champ! I believe he was able to down three pieces of cake before I put the stop to cake time! It was crazy, but dad and mom, well we got the kids home by 5pm, and they were nestled snug in their bed and crib by 5:01pm! A great day, too bad I have no pictures to prove it! Thanks to all of you who came, you helped make the day so special! Cameron may not know it, but her mom does and she loved it! Thanks so much 🙂

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One Response to “My Little Baby’s growing up…”

  1. amy harris Says:

    Aw, Rachel! I can’t believe she’s one already! Happy birthday, Cam!!!!!

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