oh so frustrating

I finally get online and I have the cutest pic’s to show all of you and guess what happens…I need to change the battery pack on my camera.  If you don’t know me well, then I must tell you, my techno savvy self has no idea what in the world “change your battery pack” means, let alone how to even go about making that happen.  So, until Michael can get home and help me, and I can get this crazy computer back online again, I must wait!  Oh, I guess that means you must wait too!  But trust me, when you see the pics you’ll think it was worth the wait!  Oh well, I’m outta here, and hope to have some new posts up by tomorrow night!  Have a great day, and pray for my Aidan, he has a summer virus and is running a high fever!  Poor baby boy!


4 Responses to “oh so frustrating”

  1. Lauren Woods Says:

    Agh! I hate when that happens. My tech knowledge is a bit like swiss cheese. Some areas are solid and others are just dark holes. Hope Aidan feels better.

  2. jolittle Says:

    my poor Aidan give him a hug from Auntie jojo and tell him I got him a prize when I come home

  3. Sarette Says:

    Haha you were right. Techno handicapped, haha.

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    Told ya!

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