What a boo boo!

Well the inevitable finally took place!  It took just shy of 11 months and the deed has been done.  Friday morning the kids woke at 6:05 am, but who’s looking at the clock anyway? I got Aidan and Cameron situated in the living room at my parents, then I remembered.  I have to go to the bathroom and I have to brush my teeth still too (I mean who doesn’t brush their teeth VERY FIRST THING in the morning).  So, I thought about leaving Cameron in there with her big brother but I thought better of that.  So she and I took off to the bathroom.  I sat her on the floor and then I sat on the potty!  Well, before I could get up, she climbed onto the tub and BANG!  Cameron fell and smacked her head on the bathtub.

My heart fell, I jumped off the potty within seconds of the crash.  I held her and put ice on her head immediately.  Aidan came running and asked me “Mom, what happened?  And where are your pants”…I’m telling you, out of the mouth of babes is all I have to say to that one!  I explained to Aidan what happened, and he helped console his baby sister too!  It was so sweet, he is such a sensitive boy (sometimes, lol).  She finished the BANG with a big bruise on her forehead and a cut on her eyelid.  Here is a picture of her war mark from her fight with the bathtub!  Oh and I guess I’d have been better off leaving her with her big brother!  Oh, and I can’t remember at this point if I ever brushed my teeth that day at all???

By the way, aren’t her eyelashes amazing!  Hope she never needs glasses cuz it’ll drive her nuts when her lashes hit the lenses.  I hate wearing sunglasses because of that myself!  She so has her dads eyelashes though!


One Response to “What a boo boo!”

  1. amyh Says:

    Looks a lot better, Rach. Poor baby. She’s just a quick mover. And I had to LOL at Aidan asking you where your pants were, too funny.

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