So I’m wondering?

After hundreds of dollars spent on really cool toys, and after agonizing trips to “Toys R Us”, and after long waiting lines to purchase the expensive toys:  Is it really worth it?  This is the scene in our apartment just yesterday.  After walking into the room and seeing this, I just have to ask myself, is it really even worth buying toys?  My guess is no, at least not when you have a big empty cardboard box laying around! Oh yeah and a pad of paper too. You can see they each have a “post it note” handy too! You just have to laugh 🙂


4 Responses to “So I’m wondering?”

  1. Michael Says:

    wow, those kids are amazing

  2. sarettestahnke Says:

    Ooh, look at the Rachel in that boy!

  3. Heather Says:

    You have 2 cuties there!! We just finished the One Prayers Series…AWESOME stuff.

  4. jolittle Says:

    they are the cutest. hey get the book Beryl’s Box… it is a kids story about an amazing adventure with some little kids and a cardboard box. ha! I say boxes and tupperware are better than any toy.,.. with the exception of a couple guys and their bikes. 🙂

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