A dad and his baby girl

Lets see, since my last round of posting, we, as a family, have done so much.  We had a spectacular trip to Atlanta, Georgia, area.  It was there we interviewed for Cinema Church to be able to partner with ARC.  It turns out, we were accepted, and now the journey continues.  Anyway, I digress.  In Atlanta, after our first interview with a guy from ARC, we had about a six hours lapse until we needed to return.  So, I planned a family trip to “Zoo Atlanta”.  We ran like crazy that day and I got a plethora of pictures.  I wanted to share how sweet a relationship looks between a father and his little girl.  If you read Michael’s blog at all, you know how attached he and Aidan are, but you don’t get to hear too much about “Cam”, “Cammers”, “Baby Girl”, “Cameron”, or as this picture sums it up, “Daddy’s Little Girl”…she gets so excited whenever she sees her daddy.  It melts a little piece of my heart every time I see it!  I love it, and can’t wait to watch their relationship grow in the years to come!  Here they are together…




3 Responses to “A dad and his baby girl”

  1. Anna Says:

    So Cute! Love little ladies and their daddies…Awesome!

  2. jolittle Says:

    sooo nice to see.

  3. Lauren Woods Says:

    Glad to have you back. What great pictures. They will treasure these when they get older. I mean “older!” silver hair old, actually seasoned sounds better. I just found a picture of my brother Mike and myself. We were about 5 and 7 watering our garden with the watering can my mom had all these years. I just brought it down to our house to put by the outside faucet. It reminds me of my mom.

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