We’ll finish this list someday…

like today!  Here’s the wrap up…


71. I love my Lord and Savior

72. Hot baths help me relax and cope after a bad day

73. I want Aidan’s wife to be sweet to him

74. And, I want him to be gentle and kind to her

75. I want a great relationship with her too (I pray for that already)

76. We have really AWESOME neighbors

77. I hope our new neighbors are nice

78. I LOVE Michael SOOOO much

79. I forgive people easily

80. Yet with some things I can be very stubborn

81. I wanted to be a cardiac surgeon

82. But, I wanted children and a family more

83. So I became a dental hygienist

84. I really like going to the movies

85. I want to try this thing called “letter boxing” (google it)

86. I am really gonna miss Living Proof

87.  I haven’t colored my hair in a year and a half

88. And probably won’t for another 2 years

89. I would almost never (cuz you “never say never”) hang up the phone on someone

90. I HATE when people hang up the phone without saying “good bye”

91. I like to go for walks

92. I love eating watermelon on a hot summer day

93. Sunsets are one of my favorite things in life to see

94. I discovered them in our first house on our bedroom balcony

95. My best gift for my birthday was my Pier 1 chair from Michael to sit on that balcony

96.  Ahhh, and the Beautiful red rose he gave me that same day

97. It was sitting in a vase on a table next to the new lounge chair

98. I had an interview for a job earlier this week

99. You’ll have to stay tuned to my blog to see how that turns out

100. I’m ever so amazed how fearfully and wonderfully we were made by our creator!


You all have a great day and take some time today to watch a sunrise or a sunset, and take the time to remember how fearfully and wonderfully you were made by our Heavenly Father!



4 Responses to “We’ll finish this list someday…”

  1. Anna Says:

    So fun! I never did this…but fun to learn more about you!

  2. Cody Breault Says:

    Hey Rachel!!!

    Letter boxing is just like geo caching.. There is a letter box in Tine park in Middlefield??

    It’s a lot of fun!!!! You should try it sometime!!

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    I’m dying to try it sometime. I’d like to do it with Michael as a date sometime, not sure I could EVER convince him of doing it though!

  4. randirobot Says:

    nice! i read every single one of those! and good luck on your job interview i hope you get it!

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