I can’t believe it’s ALREADY…

my 100th post! So, in honor of that, I will follow the crowd and share with you 100 things about myself. I always feel like it’s so much to read in one post, so I’ve decided to break it up over the next few days. Enjoy, and happy posting!

1. I originally wasn’t gonna make this list
2. I have a wonderful sister who lives in Virginia
3. I miss her a lot (although she’s coming to town this weekend, YAY!)
4. My parents are moving to South Carolina this summer
5. I worry my kids won’t know them very well
6. Soon I have to start working full time
7. I don’t want too!
8. I have NO tattoos (not even after LP’s last series)
9. I once bungeed jump
10. I would LOVE to skydive just once
11. I once wet my pants while jumping on a trampoline
12. Only one girl knew it happened when I did that
13. We still laugh and talk about it today
14. I’m so blessed with amazing and godly friends
15. I miss living in Virginia
16. I wonder where in the world we are moving to next
17. I’m excited to help Michael with the church plant
18. I want to to go to the Grand Canyon (really badly)
19. I’m stoked to take my children and Michael to Disney World
20. We were gonna go this September but chose to put it on hold cuz of the church plant
21. I love getting hugs
22. Especially when they are from Michael
23. I wish I could sleep in
24. But the kids get me up EACH and EVERY morning, nice and early
25. I have ridiculously BAD allergies (only in the spring though)
26. I like my steak cooked RARE (but I usually get it medium rare cuz of peoples reaction)
27. I’d love to cut my hair short
28. “Little Debbie” Oatmeal Cream Pies are a weakness of mine (big time)
29. I love doing Beth Moore Bible studies (wanna do one? Just let me know)
30. “Desperate Housewives” is another weakness of mine (I gotta get a hold of this one)
31. I want to have two more children (yes, you read that correctly)
32. I would be a SAHM if at ALL possible
33. I like to bake (don’t mistake that for cooking)
34. I wish I could cook better though
35. I love playing outside with my kids

Stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of my list…


One Response to “I can’t believe it’s ALREADY…”

  1. sarettestahnke Says:

    I want to go sky-diving one day, too. Go with me!
    And don’t forget we said we would do that Daniel study together after Beloved. I can’t wait!

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