Well, Sunday was Michael’s big day of being ordained.  He did such an amazing job.  the service was great from the beginning to the end.  It was especially nice to hear about how Michael came to the conclusion that God is leading him to start a church plant.  Toward the end of the service the men who served on the board for the ordination prayed over Michael, it was a very moving time.  They also prayed over Michael and me at the very end.  It’s been a crazy ride for the past five years at Fellowship as Michael launched “Living Proof”.  I can only imagine how wild the ride for “Cinema Church” will be.  Thank you so much to everyone who came to show their support to Michael and myself.  We have a great group of friends that were there to share this experience with us.  I also thought, how awesome that so many students came to see their pastor ordained!  We were so blessed to have worked with each student at Living Proof!  Here are some pictures of the service yesterday

This is the board of men that questioned Michael for ordination! (ok, so you completely can’t see the back row of men, oops…they were there though.

This is Michael answering all the ordination questions 

(this was really fun to listen to, Great job Michael)!

I loved how supportive all the students and leaders of LP were!  Throughout all the questioning the students were holding up signs of encouragement for their pastor (too cool if you ask me!)

A time of prayer to close the service, it was beyond words to describe, you just had to be there!




3 Responses to “Ordination”

  1. Heather Says:

    Rachel, how cool is that!! I know you must be super excited and scared and every other emotion…hang on because it will be a wild ride but it’s so amazing to sit back and NOT WORRY (I have trouble with that one) and watch what God will do. It will truly knock your socks off. I know you’re so proud of Michael. That’s awesome!!! I know this transition and the “ceremony” of ordination had to be emotional and powerful for you too. Cool!!

  2. rachellarkin Says:

    Heather, thank you so much. It was so great to be able to see everything take place on Sunday. I know it’s gonna be a wild ride and I have a hard time with “not worrying” myself too! I have to keep my focus on Christ thru this whole thing. Thanks for all your encouragement, you’ve been great!

  3. jolittle Says:

    Ahh Rach it was so awesome to witness and be apart of. We are here for each other…!! Hold on it’s gona be exciting….
    love ya

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