I was talking with a girl today at work.  It seems we have something in common.  We got to talking about doing dishes and how much we love to spend our extra time doing them , I mean, how annoying it is that the sink is NEVER EMPTY!  Actually, the more we talked the more we realized, the sink is empty.  Thus leaving you to believe your job of washing dishes is finished.  But, when you start to walk around the house you spot dirty cups all over the place. I was raised to use one glass for the entire day, but someone else I live with Mike must have never learned this rule.  Turns out, the same goes for my friend Amy with her better half!  So, you see, after a long day of taking care of kids, or cleaning the house, or working.  We do the dishes, thinking naively that our job is done for the night.  When suddenly we walk in the bedroom and see not one, not two, but maybe even three dirty glasses!  My question is, how much can one person drink in a day?  Ahhh, but alas the invention of this:

For all you ladies out there, if you haven’t discovered these, you need to buy a case TODAY!  This one little product will save you so much time and energy.  You just put these in your cup cabinet and your better half can leave used cups around the house until “the cows come home”.  It’s great!  I love these SOLO cups.  They are a snap to pick up and throw away! No more dirty cups to wash!  I love it!  Now, if I could just get Aidan weaned from the “sippy cup”




One Response to “SOLO CUPS”

  1. sarettestahnke Says:

    Aw, Rachel.
    I will do your dishes.

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