Babysitter Anyone??

This is when you think I will show a picture of my television, or tell you I’m lending my services now as a babysitter.  But, the truth is, I may have found one of the best babysitters ever.  That’s right!  If you need one just call me and I may, just may, give you her number.  But only after I check my schedule first to be sure I don’t need her!  Cameron loves her, and Aidan is finally learning boundaries with her!  She keeps my kids safe and happy while I, unfortunately, have to go and work!  Thanks Danielle for all you do, I truly appreciate it, you have NO IDEA!!! One day you will see when you have your babies, how important you are in my life (and in keeping my sanity).



3 Responses to “Babysitter Anyone??”

  1. meredithwoods Says:

    and this is an amazing picture of you two.

  2. daniellewilson Says:

    awe I love you! and I LOVE your kids. they are always a blessing to watch. it is what I look forward to each week.

  3. faithwilson Says:

    oh, my baby 🙂

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