Tattoo…part 2

Well, tonight was the second week of tattoo. Unfortunately, the tattoo artists were unable to make it, however they say they’ll be her next week! Lets pray this is true, after all, what in the world will Faith do if they don’t come back. We all know, she has been dreading longing to get this tattoo.

Anyway, Mike gave a message tonight, reminding us all how we are Christ’s Beloved Child. Sometimes I forget that, but tonight was a sweet and warm reminder. Now, my job here on earth is to help so many others see just how important they too, are to our Heavenly Father.

Here are some pics of the tattoo series so far:

I love listening to this guy speak!  I can’t wait to see how God uses him through the next chapter of our lives.

Look at all the kids that come out for Living Proof!  It’s so AMAZING! It actually leaves me speechless some Fridays.  I love that they would choose to be in church on a Friday!  God is awesome.

Here’s Rob’s tattoo so far.  Someone told me (and it wasn’t Rob directly), that there is still more work to be done to this “bad boy”!  All I can say is:  Ouch, better you than me Rob, it looks great 🙂

And, if all those pics aren’t enough to get you excited, how about a nice big “heart attach on a platter”, better known as “nachos & cheese” from the LP cafe!

All I’m saying is, it’s been an awesome ride the past five years!  I hope to see everyone out for the last two weeks of Living Proof in the youth center!  Can’t wait to enjoy the next couple weeks with all of you, yet I’m still excited about where Christ is leading us next!  Good night 🙂

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One Response to “Tattoo…part 2”

  1. sarettestahnke Says:

    If we posted pictures of some of the plates of nachos we find cleaning up LP, we would never sell another. Ugh, gross.

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