Church, Fun? What???

You got it!  We had such a blast at our church plant meeting.  It was this past Sunday, which was Mother’s Day and my birthday.  What a great way to spend those days.  We all had a great time.  It was an awesome message on finances (and you know we can all learn lessons on finances no matter who you are).  Then the Mothers and Potential Mothers all received roses! IT WAS AWESOME!  My flowers and Cammie’s flowers are in a vase on our kitchen table and look great.  Here are some pics of us after the message and prayer.


Dad always seems to make time for Aidan.  Here they are playing some soccer together (well, maybe just Aidan is playing?


Aidan thinks it’s the pink shoes that made him play so great that night (and I, of course, will not tell him any different.  After all, this can be a black mail picture during adolescent years).



My friend Amy joined us tonight for the first time.  She is totally amazing, I love having her as a friend.  She’s one of those people you meet, and you feel like you’ve known her forever!


Ahhh, and then there’s JoJo!  Need I say more??  She’s a best friend for life. I’m so glad God sent the Little’s to CT!  Who needs beautiful warm weather and California beaches???   


3 Responses to “Church, Fun? What???”

  1. jolittle Says:

    aww Rachel, I love yo so much.. God knew what He was doing when he sent us here. Thanks to your friendship my BFF and your love I have now made Ct my home. I look forward to many years growing in the Lord together as a family and as a church family.

  2. Rob Says:

    I HATE working Sundays….That was probably a good message for me…I will be glad when all the new people start and I will hopefully be off Sundays.

  3. rachel Says:

    Rob, you should ask Mike to see the video from the past two weeks…I’m sure he would say okay. I’m going to watch the first week because I had nursery that Sunday.

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