Pedal Power…or not?

So, many of you have seen Aidan’s new bike. But, for my friends from out of state, here is some pics of Aidan riding his new bike. Take a close look, that’s right, no pedals! It is made that way so he will learn balance and we, as parents will be able to skip the whole “training wheels” thing. I am one happy mother. Because I can remember being scared to death to ride with no one balancing the seat of my bike. If there is any drama I can skip, I’m all for it! Run out now, and get your littles ones a bike like this!

You can see, my sweet boy, is riding up to his mama to deliver a killer flower (also known as a dandelion). If you have allergies, you know this flower is the kiss of death!

He has now delivered the kiss of death and is riding away!

Oh wait, he’s not riding away, he’s riding along and looking for more killer flowers! Turns out he wanted an entire cup full of flowers for me to place on the kitchen window sill. I sneezed ALL DAY LONG! But he kept asking to look at the flowers, so there was no throwing the suckers away!


4 Responses to “Pedal Power…or not?”

  1. me Says:

    Just so absolutely precious…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, have a day of relaxation, enjoy your 2 priceless possessions and, of course, Michael as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO, this is a double portion that God has given you.

  2. sarettestahnke Says:

    Aw, he’s so sweet!
    Better mow all those flowers away.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    Yeah, I agree! My poor nose and throat are in overload!

  4. jolittle Says:

    i have witnessed Aidan on this skooter bike, he can book it pretty fast on that thing. He has awesome balance. The funniest thing is to see him switch helmets to ride that razor at my house ( the pink flowered one) must make him ride different or something. ha! He is so darn cute. Oh and he picked some of those beautiful yellow flowers (dandillions) at my house for you mommy, but I tossed them. aaahhhh chewwwwwwwww!

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