…was absolutely amazing tonight.  Michael did a great job, and everyone seemed to really love their tattoos.  I’m excited to see what the last 3 weeks in Living Proof hold for all of us!  I had originally planned to bring my camera tonight and take a few pics, but oops, I ran out of the house without it!  Hopefully the dudes will come back next week to do more tattoos on our leaders. I can post those pics instead!  I mean, come on, the youth pastor HAS to get a tattoo, am I right?? Don’t worry I’ll post a picture of that next week, for SURE!  

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4 Responses to “TATOO”

  1. Sarette Says:

    Mhm, love mine!
    Bully him into it, Rachel!

  2. Heather Says:

    Okay so tell me more about this…you had tatoo artists come to your launch meeting and give everybody tatoos?? Did you get a group rate? Did you get one? This is intriguing. Sounds like things are going well!!

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    hahaha…no, Mike is still working with the youth group until the end of this month. The last series is titled “Tattoo” and it’s all about how Christ is tattoo in us! And, alot more other stuff, we only did week one last night. So, while he spoke different leaders in the youth group got tattoos, it’s pretty cool. But I like your idea too! I did NOT get a tattoo, as of yet. Probably won’t but not completely sure!

  4. Heather Says:

    That’s really cool. I would love to see pictures. My husband was a youth pastor before we took the plunge to plant. That’s really a cool idea! I’ll have to share that with my hubby. He’s gotten a couple of tatoos so would be all over this! Nice…post pictures next time, that’s awesome!!

    Thanks for the encouragement, enjoy every second of your family being there. It is a blessing!!

    We’re doing pretty good. It’s good to talk with you!


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