Bubble Fun

After a long day of working, it’s so nice to come home to this kind of fun! I love you, my sweet boy:

Does this picture not melt your heart? okay, the truth is, I’m sure I am pretty biased…but how in the world could God have blessed Michael and I so much? It leaves me speechless. This evening is firmly planted in my memories forever! Thanks for the bubbles Gramma!  Good night.


6 Responses to “Bubble Fun”

  1. jolittle Says:

    sweetest ever… cherish it

  2. Lauren Woods Says:

    What great pictures. So many toys being invented but bubbles are the best. For me they are a warm, light breeze day, rainbow circles gliding along. He will treasure these pictures when he is older. Kids are the best at showing us how to live in now time.

  3. faithwilson Says:

    yeah what lauren said, awesome pics!

  4. me Says:

    Such fabulous pictures, I could reach right out and grab him.
    FANTASTIC! Look at his hair in the second shot, I love it.

  5. Sarette Says:

    RACHEL! Ah, I don’t even have words!

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