Just another day? I don’t think so!!!

I had to work this weekend.  By the way thanks to Faith for keeping my Cammie Cakes, and thanks to Mike for making Aidan’s day so fun while mommy had to work.  Anyway, I went into work thinking it’d be my usual Saturday morning, which consists of run around like a crazy maniac and work my tail off (just like we all have to do on Saturdays).  It seems Saturdays are always a busy day in the office.  I went in and set my area up to see my first patients, and one of my friends came into the room I was in and closed the door.  She told me she had to talk to me, I was nervous at first and thinking some horrible thing must have taken place.  Immediately, I thought, oh no, I must be getting fired later today?!?!  I asked her what, what is wrong?  And she responded with the best words a person could EVER hear!  She told me, nothing is wrong, I went out to a coffee house last night, and both my husband and I accepted Christ as our personal Savior!  I was totally, off the wall, excited!  I hugged her so tightly and started to cry.   I looked and she was crying too!  It was AWESOME!  That was by far the best Saturday at work ever.  I’m telling you, our God is amazing.  I love that I think it’s gonna be another hum drum day, and God just shows up and changes EVERYTHING!  So, the next time you’re thinking it’s just gonna be another crazy day…think again!  Our God is at work all over the place!  


4 Responses to “Just another day? I don’t think so!!!”

  1. AmyHarris Says:

    That’s amazing. How awesome is our God? That’s so funny that you were upset and she was just so excited to tell you first thing! That’s just awesome. Congratulations to your friend and her husband!

  2. codybreault Says:


    Team God is getting bigger and bigger every day..

    Satan is going downnnnnnnn

  3. faithwilson Says:

    yeah! love those kind of stories! maybe they’ll need a new church to go to? haha not kidding though 🙂 oh and keeping cammie is easy! love to do it!

  4. sarettestahnke Says:

    And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

    Wow Rachel! I cannot get enough of these great things happening right now!

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