Have I got a story for you!

I was talking with a close friend a week or so ago. We had a great conversation, you know the kind of conversation where you just catch up on life and enjoy each other? Well, we got talking about different funny stories. As soon as she told me this particular story, I told her this one would make the blog so here it goes. Oh and by the way, she WILL remain nameless. I was vowed to secrecy. So, for the protection of those involved all characters names have been changed.

Jane awoke on yet another Monday morning. She felt as though life was just the same thing over and over again. Work, family, work, grocery shopping, work, (Jane works a lot). She was dragging herself out of bed and quickly out the door to get to work. She was running late and didn’t get that first cup of coffee to start her day (and you know, if you don’t get your morning coffee, you shouldn’t even bother starting your day). Anyway, off to work. She drives into the parking lot. Parks her car in her usual spot. First to arrive at work (she’s now wondering why she bothered rushing in the first place)! Jane got out of the car and was walking up to the door to unlock it. She felt as though her pants fit differently. Jane did a “little jig” to try to straighten out her pant leg. She went into the work place and was walking through the building in the dark searching desperately for the light. As she’s walking she feels something stuck on her foot. She thinks to herself, “My gosh I just can’t get comfortable. First I miss my morning coffee, then I’m rushing like crazy to get to work (only to be the first to arrive anyway, so who cares), then I can’t get my pant leg to fit comfortably, and now I feel like there is a big piece of crap on my foot. Where’s that stupid light??” She finds the light and looks down. OOPS…stuck on her foot is a pair of her own dirty underwear!!! Now she thinks, “thank GOD I was the first to arrive at work and no one saw this!!!”

Jane remembered when she saw the underwear that she actually put dirty pants on, which had yesterdays underwear in them! This is an official lesson, put your clothes in the dirty hamper right when you take them off!!!  This is obviously not my friends underwear!





4 Responses to “Have I got a story for you!”

  1. Michael Says:

    poor stephanie

  2. jolittle Says:

    lol that is a riot! ha!

  3. me Says:

    Oh my word!!! That was hysterical, thanks for making my day.

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    Haha Mike, but it wasn’t my lovely sister that this happened to, and I promised my lips will stay sealed on this story!

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