Check this girl out!

So Sunday, Cammy wore her first skirt ever! Yeah, she has worn little baby dresses, but she now has officially graduated to wearing skirts.  She is growing just way to fast for me! Check out her Sunday outfit!


Hanging with Mommy!



Spending time with Daddy

(and learning all about MAC)


6 Responses to “Check this girl out!”

  1. randirobot Says:

    aww how cute! is that a drool spot on mike LOLOLOL

  2. sarettestahnke Says:

    Your kids don’t know yet how lucky they are to have you for a mom, Rachel.

  3. Anna Says:

    I love seeing the pics of the kids with you and Mike! How blessed they are to have such amazing parents!

  4. AmyHarris Says:

    She’s just so gorgeous, Rach. I agree with Faith….three is good 🙂 Four’s good too 🙂 But then again, your two are just so sweet that two’s good too. Don’t want to freak Michael out, lol.

  5. staceyweaver Says:

    Awwww, so cute. 😀

  6. jolittle Says:

    you go Cammy… you stylish little thing!!!
    I love Father Daughter pictures

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