Do You Know The Muffin Man?

Even camo can’t hide this muffin top! I’m tired of the muffin top style that so many of us flaunt! This look is what is keeping me a member at the YMCA!  Joann, I’ll see you on the treadmill in the morning. (And the elliptical, and the bike, and the stair stepper, and the…)camomuffin.jpg


14 Responses to “Do You Know The Muffin Man?”

  1. sarettestahnke Says:

    Ew, who’s that? Britney Spears?

  2. AmyHarris Says:

    That. Is. Wrong.

  3. randirobot Says:

    LOLOLOL theres more than muffintops going on there

  4. chellerose Says:

    Haha, there’s so many people sporting the ‘muffin top’…

    This reminds me that I need to open an account so that I can join WOW.

    How much is the Y?

    Good luck with the workout thing! I can’t wait to start.

  5. jolittle Says:

    ha,,, it’s me I told you not to post that!!!!!!!

    lol… j/k

    I am there with you sister… pilates was fun today…my hips hurt… they are somewheres under my muffin. hahah!

  6. rachellarkin Says:

    Michelle, the Y is ridiculously expensive, $42.00 p/month. You may be able to get a student discount though. WOW is running a special $10.00 a month, go for it! Oh, and you don’t need to work out, you look great! I know you don’t have any muffin going on!

  7. Cody Breault Says:

    really rachel?? 42 dollars a month???

    When i last went there I payed like 8 dollars per 2 weeks.. so 16 dollars a month……..


  8. rachellarkin Says:

    prob cuz you’re a student!

  9. Too Funny! « A Work of the Heart Says:

    […] at 8:25 pm · Filed under Me and SOOO TRUE! I am sick of seeing the Muffin man too! Check this out! {Not for the squimmish, […]

  10. staceyweaver Says:


  11. Jordan P. Says:


  12. lolz Says:


  13. Jim Says:

    … clearly ten pounds of crap stuffed into a five pound bag.

    Ladies, please! If you MUST go out in public looking like that, PLEASE take it to the Jerry Springer Show, Oprah, Maury, The View, etc.

  14. Who knows Says:

    How did you get That? I want 1!

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