My Wake-up Call!!!

I have to be honest. Lately, I’ve been so EXCITED with this whole church plant thing. I think I must have asked Michael a hundred times, “what am I gonna do at this new church? what is my ministry gonna be? Where do you want me? What can I do? Where do I fit in with this whole new life?”. I’ve asked it over and over in different ways. He never has given me a concrete answer of where he pictured me. Now I know why, today I found this! I am not a SAHM (stay at home mom)…although I really wish I were. However, for such a time as this, God has me working part-time, and most likely full time while we get this new church launched. Anyway, this article hit me right between the eyes! Read on friend, read on!I have been thinking about a story that a friend told me a few years ago. She had spent some time with a young woman who had several small children, was very involved in her church teaching youth, a woman’s Bible study, a home school co-op, and her husband was the youth pastor. She often spoke of her “ministry opportunities” and how fulfilling they were. As my friend spent more time with the young woman this is what she observed: Her home was cluttered all the time, and not very clean. Her stove had food burned on all the burners, and her children were unruly. During one of her visits the children spent much of the time jumping on the couch!This young woman was a “stay at home mom“, who wasn’t really home! Because she wasn’t home, her home was not in order, and her children were not being consistently disciplined and trained. This precious, well-meaning woman did not understand that keeping her home and training her children was the most important ministry she could have.I have had many conversations with moms who have expressed that they are not “doing anything“. They want to be “involved in ministry“. They do not understand that being home with their children means that they are in “full time ministry“…and that every morning when their feet touch the floor, they are on the “mission field“!I officially understand what my ministry is! If God opens other doors and I am able to do anything extra then great! But for now, I sit here with tears in my eyes understanding that I have the greatest and most important ministry ever! Thank you Lord for the wake up call, and thank you Michael for never answering the question I’ve thrown at you a hundred times!I GET IT, I GOT IT, I’M GOOD!


5 Responses to “My Wake-up Call!!!”

  1. sarettestahnke Says:

    I am thrilled for you, Rachel! What sparked this revelation? God keeps coming through for us, and in bigger ways than we imagine! You are such a great mom; I hope I will do half as well as you are.

  2. AmyHarris Says:

    Oh, Rach (((hugs))) I’m there too. This year has taught me nothing if not that I need to be home. Next year, I’m there, and I just can’t wait. Your family really is your first mission field, especially when you have kids, and anything extra spills out and over on occasion. I’ve really had to limit the amount of ‘yeses’ I’ve made this year too, which makes me feel bad sometimes, but then I realize, “Hey! I have FOUR kids and I just can’t do it.” and then I’m good.
    Love you….you’re such a great mama.

  3. gerri07 Says:

    You go! I loved being a “hands-on Mom” and you will be surprised at who God brings into your life as you focus on the full time ministry you have with your family. The time will fly by (it doesn’t always seem so in the moment….) but it is GOOD!

  4. Heather Says:

    Wow Rachel. That is so cool that you’ve had the epiphany early on. I really struggled with being asked to help out with the children’s stuff at our church plant. I really had to call on a friend to help me because I felt like I was missing out and miserable on the Sundays trying to get out the door with the kids, me, and the responsibility of kid’s church ready. I had to back off and share that load. I don’t want to miss one second of these babies growing up. At this point, I have to help and am okay doing so but I definitely was trying to do too much. I can totally see how that would lead to some resentment. Thanks for sharing!! That was great.

  5. jolittle Says:

    That is awesome… where did you find that article or blog…?
    There is nothing more important (except your husband of course) You are a great loving mom…God will use your talents and gifts at the new church when the time if right.. 🙂

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