Weekend is Here!

I had yesterday off from work. It was nice to just be with the kids for the day. We started our day at the gym. Both kids do so well there. I love how Aidan actually enjoys to go there now. He can watch out the window and see all the construction going on while I’m working out. I must say I gave myself a run for my money yesterday! I worked out like a dog, and I am feeling it this morning. Just shows myself how far I really have to go. I figure baby steps, Rachel, baby steps. Then last night I was at LP. I have to tell you, Mike nailed it again! I love listening to him speak. It’s awesome watching how God is using him. I can’t wait till the launch of the new church, it’s going to be a lot of work, but awesome to see Mike right where God wants him. Anyway, it seems like the students had a great time last night. The “Guitar Hero” tournament was awesome, those two guys were great!

Today, we have a first b’day for Aidan’s friend, Noah. Aidan has picked up the birthday party concept so he is pretty excited to go, after all there will be CAKE there! The funny thing is, he gets so excited about cake, but he actually doesn’t even like it. Funny, huh! Well, we are off to get a birthday present this morning for little Noah. Have a great day!


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