Good times, yeah, good times

It has been a really busy couple of weeks. Things are just starting to settle down. Last week my sister was here with her Alyssa to visit the family. It really was good times! I actually got a night out with her while Mike was home with the kids. I also got to shop with her all day Saturday (I think I haven’t done anything like that since Aidan was a year old). We laughed and enjoyed each other like crazy. She is home in VA now, and I must say I miss her already. Before she left, Aidan decided he wanted to make “Aunt FiFi” a picture. So we converted our kitchen into an art studio and Aidan went to town…just take a look. I think I may have a Picasso on my hands?


look at my hands


Picasso in action

good times, yeah, good times

4 Responses to “Good times, yeah, good times”

  1. sarettestahnke Says:

    He looks so proud of himself in the last picture. What a good boy you have!

  2. Lauren Woods Says:

    An artist after my own heart. Nothing like getting right into it.

  3. hayleelittle Says:

    daaannngg i wish i was as good as your little Picasso “]

  4. Stephanie Groeper Says:

    Aidan, Thank you so much for by wonderful pictures. They are on my refrigerator and I smile everytime I see them. I love you very much. Love, Auntie FiFi

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