They love each other

I am so lucky! We were all having some fun the other night. Aren’t they too cute? They love each other so much! It’ll be fun to watch them grow together!I have so much fun with them. It makes me dread the days I have to go to work. img_1776.jpg


6 Responses to “They love each other”

  1. jolittle Says:

    awww it is Michael and Rachel 🙂

  2. Anna Says:

    Too Cute! How fun!

  3. Cody Breault Says:

    so cute =)))))))))))))))))))))))

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    Hey Anna! Nice to hear from you, dont know if you’ll check back at this, but hey to you and Tom and Holden! Hope all is well for you guys. We miss you!

  5. staceyweaver Says:

    Those two are the cutest babies on earth, I swear.

  6. mom Says:

    Wow, what a picture of the 2. They are the cutesome/twosome
    that’s for sure. And Stacey is sooo right…they are the cutest 2
    on earth “she swears”. LOL. Sooo right!!!

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