So I married Lance Armstrong!?!

Well, it’s a done deal! I was off from work yesterday and had scheduled lunch with some old friends. Mike was going to keep Aidan while I went. At almost noon, no Mike to be found? I called, no answer! So, I just took both kids with me. Mike came home a few hours later, and what was in his hand? A NEW BIKE! That’s right! My husband is joining the group of people with road bikes!


We went to “Dick’s” last night and bought a stand for our new family member! Then he set it all up and got on the bike and started pedaling like crazy! Aidan loved it, he said “Dad, you go fast!”


He road for like 20 minutes and sweat was just pouring off his face! I thought it would give him all kinds of energy and keep him up all night. But, the next thing I know, I put the kids to bed at 7:30 and I got into bed, looked over and Mike was out COLD! We were all asleep by 7:45 last night! So, the next time you see my Lance Armstrong, you’ll have to ask him how his riding is going. I believe I heard he is even investing in spandex! LOL! I love that guy!  PS- I would have posted a pic of Mike on the bike but he would kill me, so you have to settle for second best!








One Response to “So I married Lance Armstrong!?!”

  1. jolittle Says:

    yikes… spandex….. haha!

    Get Kyle to put wheels on his bike and they can pedal together. 🙂

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