Fam time

It was so nice to have some family time yesterday. Me, Mike and the kids, got the chance to just lay low and spend some time together. We all love it when dad can be home with us. We took the day to go to Circuit City and make a return for LP.

Then we decided on lunch at “Friendly’s”. The kids were both so great. I discovered this weekend that Aidan’s favorite ice cream is Strawberry. So, he finished his lunch with a strawberry sundae. He was so funny, he didn’t use any spoon he just dipped his face right into the whipped cream. He was covered with it! I wish I had camera so you could all check it out. It’s a lesson learned. He loved the sundae, but was all upset cause I ate the cherry off the top, oops!

Anyway, then we went and looked at some pedal bikes. Mike’s hoping to really start working out, and this his new way! We shall see, lets all keep him accountable if he decides to get a bike, hahaha. Well, then by the end of the day, the kids were exhausted, both in bed by 8pm. I think I was in bed by 9…its all the working out I’ve been doing at the gym, lol.  I realized last night, I think I may be starting to eat more than Mike does, uh-oh NOT GOOD!


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