Okay, so I got to the gym late, and turns out Pilates already started.  So I took yoga.  My legs officially feel like “jelly” now.  Everyone in the class was really nice.  Jo took it with me.  We were doing great with the class, and then suddenly, the teacher had us contort our body in a way it just didn’t want to go for me and Jo, and the old guy next to Jo.  The next thing I know, I have the giggles!  I am in a serious class just cracking up!  I even had Jo laughing with me. Don’t worry, I eventually pulled it together and got serious, which is why I’m starting to feel all this pain now!  All I can say is, wow, a half hour workout can really change things!  


5 Responses to “WORKING OUT”

  1. amyharris Says:

    Pilates gives me the giggles too, girl. I remember taking a couple of classes at the Y and it was crazy. I was the girl in the back row with the “You have to be freakin kidding me” look on my face. I had my friend Jen laughing with me. I’m not much one for class exercise. Too much opportunity to be the cut-up when you’re a teacher.

  2. sarettestahnke Says:

    I can totally picture this happening. You guys are crazy!

  3. rob Says:

    Haha. I never did any of that but it reminds me of this time at the gym where I was doing the weighted standing crunches machine and one of the times I went down a midget walked in front of me and I almost headbuttted him….Why woudl he do that?….lol….classic tiems at teh gym!

  4. codybreault Says:

    haha, that is really funny…

    No, that is awesome! I could totally picture you two girls in there doing yoga trying to be calm, peaceful, and serene… and all of a sudden you burst out in giggles.. haha

    Don’t forget to stretch every night before you go to bed! nice and easy and no “bouncy” the muscles to try to make them stretch more (it could tear the muscle!) stretching little by little every night will truly help increase your flexibility greatly.

    Keep up the good work!!!!

  5. codybreault Says:


    sounds like mike needs to get involved to lose a few lbs 🙂

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