“chunky cheese”

Okay, so today we spent the entire day together as a family.  We had a whole lot of fun.  By about 5pm, we decided it was finally time to do something and leave the house for awhile.  Mike asked for some suggestions, so I said how about going to “Chuck E Cheese”?  We thought of a few other ideas like the mall, Red Robin, or pizza at a restaurant.  We ended up going with our original plan of Chuck E Cheese.  We got all ready, packed the kids up in the car and began to drive.  I asked Aidan “where are we going?”  and he replied with excitement “Chunky Cheese!”.  It was hilarious, I laughed so hard.  If you think about it, he’s right, because all they serve is greasy pizza, fried wings, and fried mozzarella sticks, and soda too!  They have something called a salad bar, but it’s full of garbage.  Then if the food isn’t bad enough, you look around and pretty much every adult there is like at least 20 pounds over weight.  The kids are loud and screaming and Mike even got to see 2 kids vomit!  How gross!  Wonder how often they clean their carpets?  I’m thinking not nightly!  After about 20 minutes there Mike said he was ready to go.  So, we decided to pack it up again and leave.  Aidan said on the way out, “thats fun”.  I think Mike is going to take him again this Thursday with Gramma, I’m sure they’ll have a blast.  If I had my choice (and Mike too) we’d like to wrap him in a plastic bubble while he played there, but I guess thats why they invented “hand sanitizer”.  We ended our night at Target, and Aidan got a new bike, and this one even has a guy on it!  So, as I sit here and write this post, Aidan is fast asleep in his bed holding tightly to his new bike and guy.  he’s adorable!  And Cameron, well it was visual overload for the poor baby, and she is finally just falling asleep now (and hour and a half past her regular bedtime)!  See you guys at church tomorrow, good night:) PS. Wonder if the Chuck E Cheese pizza assisted in Mike’s new endeavor to lose weight???  probably not huh! 


6 Responses to ““chunky cheese””

  1. codybreault Says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day today 🙂

    and.. mike is off to a great start on the diet/exercise plan

  2. sarettestahnke Says:

    Their pizza might be greasy, but it tastes so good… I remember, I was there just a few months ago. And the vomiting… Yeah, that’s why they took the ball pits out. Can you imagine?!

  3. amyharris Says:

    Gag, Rach. I just can’t abide Chuckie Cheese. If I never set foot in one of those places again it will be too soon, girl. Ask Steph. She still owes Michael a trip there for his 6th birthday last year because he told her that’s where he wanted to go for his birthday. I told him (as I’m in the practice of disappointing my children regularly) no, that was a no can do, and she told him that Auntie Steph would take him if Mommy didn’t. 🙂
    And I can’t imagine the amount of germs crawling around this time of year. This is exactly the type of thing that makes me look OCD, right here. You’re a brave soul.

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    Sarette – that is gross about the ball pits. I cannot imagine.

    Amy – good thing Steph is coming in a couple weeks, I’ll have to remind her of her little promise. hahahaha

    Cody – I guess this means I have to actually start cooking some meals for Mike in order for this whole thing to work. Hmmmm…I may come out of this whole competition a better wife, who knows? That’d be great!

  5. jolittle Says:

    my kids LOVE “The Cheese” I call it… .. or “Upchuck Cheese” cause the food sucks. But it is fun… for them…
    you just have to hose them off when you leave. !!!

  6. rachellarkin Says:

    Okay, well “The Cheese” is all Aunt Jo from now on!!! I’m over it! hahahah

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