READ: John 18


MY KEY VERSE:  John 18:6  When Jesus said, “I am he” they drew back and fell to the ground


MY REFLECTIONS:  It’s wild to imagine that just the words of Jesus made these men draw back and fall to the ground.  Can you imagine that the words alone from someone would make that happen!  That is crazy!  Jesus is so powerful!  I’m so amazed of all He went through, so we could have a chance to choose eternity with Him.  That’s awesome.     


MY PRAYER: Jesus, you are so All Powerful!  I have no clue the amount of power you have!  Help me to lean on you for all I go through in this life.  Let me accept the power of your Holy Spirit, so I may be an example of you in all I do in my daily life; with work, LP, friends, and with my family!  


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