tomorrow is the big day!

carla1.jpgOkay, so tomorrow is my free haircut, I’m hoping this isn’t the dude that’s gonna do my hair, cuz then I’ll be in trouble. See ya Friday, who knows what I may look like??

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6 Responses to “tomorrow is the big day!”

  1. jolittle Says:

    yowser… I might not be able to go to the gym with you anymore if you become a Shinade Oconnor… LOL!

  2. Sarette Says:

    it’s okay… if it stinks, you can always shave your head when there are 150 people at LP that week.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    thats a great idea…unless they do it before then for me!

  4. kristina Says:

    I’m sure you’ll look beautiful no matter what!!!

  5. randirobot Says:

    i cant wait to see your new do!

  6. donny Says:

    I feel the need to interject a male opinion into these comments.

    i vote buzz cut

    good day

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