I am so excited!  I went to work yesterday (Saturday).  And, as you can imagine it’s not the most fun thing to do on the weekend!  Especially since Mike had just gotten home from Alabama about 6 hours earlier, I really wanted to be with him and the kids.  But anyway, I got out of bed and dragged myself to work, wondering can anything fun come of this today?  I got into the office and punched in at the time clock.  One of the girls asked me, have you been in the kitchen yet?  I told her no, she said, “oh, go check out the refrigerator”.  Hmmmm…I was like okay, whatever.  I get into the kitchen and see a paper hanging up. Now, lets remember I’m a mom of two young kids so I don’t get much time go out and do things myself.  I think it’s been like 7 months since I got my hair cut, and I think it was before Aidan was born since I’ve had a manicure or pedicure.   So, there’s this really cool, contemporary salon in Glastonbury, and they had a week where you could drop by your business card for a chance to win a free haircut, makeup application and manicure.  A girl at our work dropped it in for all of us.  And, you guessed it… I WON and anytime next week, I get to go in and get my hair, makeup, and nails done…I’m so stoked!! You people have no idea how over the top excited I am about this!  It’s gonna be so much fun!  Okay, lets just hope it looks good when they finish!   hahaha (maybe I’ll be bald and you wont have to worry about reaching 150 people in March to see a shaved head).  Anyway, God is so good, I must say He delivers everytime beyond what I could ever imagine to do myself!  


6 Responses to “I WON!”

  1. Sarette Says:

    I am so excited for you!!! But really Rachel, I will do your nails any day.

  2. kristina Says:

    Rachel, you totally deserve this!!!

  3. randirobot Says:

    aw what a nice way to start your day!

  4. codybreault Says:

    You beyond deserve this!

    Yay to God!!

    Have fun 🙂

  5. jolittle Says:

    Aunt Jo will babysit so you can have your day of pamper that is past due. 🙂

  6. Scott W. Says:

    Congratulations! Funny you should mention bald. Did you really read the fine print, the haircut will be done by me, and I only know one way to cut a persons hair. See you soon! ~Ò¿Ó~

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