We Miss Mike!

Well, it’s Friday morning.  Mike left yesterday for a quick trip (he’ll actually be home tonight, and I’m excited).  Last night our house was so quiet, Aidan didn’t have anyone to wrestle with, so he was stuck playing “superbunny”, which is really “superman”…we just changed it up a little.  Cameron slept really well last night, but was up SUPER EARLY today!  So, that definitely made Aidan miss his dad.  Aidan likes his time in the morning to “veg out” and relax in bed, and with Cameron up early, and dad gone, he had no one to “veg” with!  He will be happy tomorrow when he wakes up and dad is home!  I miss Mike too, it’s so weird when the kids go to bed and there is no one there to talk with and spend some time with!  Well, we’re off to start our dad, and dad if you read this:  We Love you and We miss you (all 3 of us).  yde3kghhkk hhkhkkhhhkhkhk    (this is for you dad!  Love Aidan)  ps- he was very gentle on the keyboard while doing this 🙂 


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