Refrigerator (Part 2) AND I NEED SOME HELP!!!

Okay, if you keep up at all with my posts you can remember a few weeks back, when I had a plain old rotten day!  One of the things that happened is our refrigerator broke.  Well, my parents were kind enough to let us use their “back up” frig.  I’m so thankful, but you can’t even imagine how unappealing this refrigerator is to the human eye.  It works, and I guess thats all that matters, but as a wife and mother, for some reason I really value the look of my refrigerator.  How can I explain it???  It’s equivalent to my old frig is a Mac computer, and this new (really, really old) frig is a dell!  Can  you hear me now?  Anyway, I’m bummed about it, but at the same time thankful I have something that at least works somewhat.  Yesterday, I had this woman come up to me and ask me if I by any chance needed a new refrigerator!!!! I was so psyched!  It’s this awesome black side by side refrigerator and she is giving it to ME!  I could have fainted! She is having her kitchen redone and decided to get all new appliances and just doesn’t want hers anymore!  This is great, it’s like Christmas all over again for me!  I just need to find some people to help pick it up by the end of the month!  Do I have anyone willing to help with this task???  I’m thinking Mike is a definite?  Anyway, I need like 4-5 guys!  PLEASE HELP, I want my “mac” back and I’m ready to retire the “dell”! 


8 Responses to “Refrigerator (Part 2) AND I NEED SOME HELP!!!”

  1. codybreault Says:

    Aw, that truly is awesome to hear that someone offered you an amazing fridge!! I’d volunteer but i don’t know my availability because of my hectic life.. haha, but Ill be praying for it to go smoothly and have everything perfect :)))))

    let me know if you really get into a ditch and need me (though i dont think that will happen especially when Mike can benchpress an elephant 😉 )

  2. randirobot Says:

    oh man that is so awesome!!!! its free too! we should get brendan to help because he is a strong man.

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    yeah, yeah, tell Brendan to help me!!!

  4. jolittle Says:

    Come on Rach I think you and I can handle it, we are pretty buffed… 🙂

  5. robsicle Says:

    lol…thats awesome….I’m in as long as its a decent time. With my work schedule….who knwos when that will be….lol

  6. Sarette Says:

    I know we already decided this, but side-by-side fridges are def the way to go!

  7. rachellarkin Says:

    Rob…You’re awesome, thank you!

  8. faithwilson Says:

    Just let us know when and I get the Wilson’s over to help 🙂

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