Today, I joined the YMCA (at least for the next two weeks…we’ll see how long this will really last).  But anyway, while I went to work out with my bff (we all know who that is), I was able to put Aidan and Cameron in the childcare.  I explained how Aidan doesn’t do the whole daycare thing, so they could call me on the loud speaker for ANYTHING (parents with their firstborn, I’ll tell ya)!   So, anyway, I was working out and having so much fun and then before I knew it, we finished! And I thought, awesome, my kids must have done great!  So, I went to pick them up and where is Aidan?  Sitting in the highchair ( I thought to myself, he hasn’t sat in a highchair in at least 8 months)…I immediately looked at Joann and said “he must be in trouble”…she said… “oh, no, look he’s just playing with some toys in there.”  So, I ask the worker, what happened?  Well, it turns out my son is just a little aggressive sometimes (may I add I heard this before from a nursery worker in VA at our old church haha).  I guess Aidan isn’t gonna take “stuff ” from anyone. If he wants something, he’s gonna get it.  Today, he wanted a chair, the only problem was, someone else was in it! What’s a two year old to do?  He just went over and pushed her right out of the chair and exclaimed “MINE”!   We’re home now, and that must have worn him out.  He’s sound  asleep in his own bed and just looks so innocent and cute!  He is too much, I love him to pieces.  So, this is a reminder for all of you…if you see Aidan and he wants something you better watch out! He is a determined and driven young boy and he will do his best to get what he wants!  In the long run, these are great traits  to have, I see them at work in his dad all the time.  Those two are so much alike, no wonder I love Aidan so much, cause he’s like a “mini” Michael!  I’m a lucky girl! 🙂  PS- Jo, you owe Aidan an orange matchbox!!! 


4 Responses to ““MINE””

  1. jolittle Says:

    ha! A good sign is that when we asked Aidan if he wanted to come back tomorrow he said “yes” , little cutie. I can just see him pullin the chair from under another, lol! it is not funny but you just have to laugh. Godd boy “A” you slept in your own bed, not I just have to find an orange matchbox, pray for me. why did he pick orange…of all colors. 🙂

  2. dewilsonx Says:

    He pushed “HER” out of the chair?????! wow

  3. jolittle Says:

    Hey I found a ORANGE match box car, I am so excited to give it to him on Monday. U should of seen me, Haylee and Hannah looking through all the cars in Target. Ha!

  4. rachellarkin Says:

    he’ll be so excited about it!

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