Oh yeah, I forgot, what a day on Monday.  For starters it was Martin Luther King day.  For most people they are thrilled because it means a day off.  But, when you work in a pediatric office, it means NIGHTMARE!!! Because, for some reason, parents just LOVE to take their kids to dentist appointments on days the kids are off from school.  So, this means I am crazy busy, from the moment I walk into work, until the moment I leave.  So, to start my day I overslept.  My alarm went off and the next thing you know I wake up and should be at Joann’s house already(to drop my kids off, she is amazing, she keeps them every Monday for us).  So, I quickly get ready for work, then get the kids up and in the car seats and finally get out the door (30 minutes late).  I then get to work just on time (I had no idea I could drive like that!).  I work like crazy until after 5…then I drive home.  I remember I have to make a dish because tonight is dinner club ( a time where I meet with other ladies and we share new recipes and talk and stuff).  So, I walk in the door and what happens, the refrigerator stinks like gas!  Oh no, THE FRIG IS BROKEN!!!!!  So, Mike and I have to empty all the food out and take it to my parents before it goes bad.  Meanwhile Joann pulls up with my kids…so, I say hello and kiss them, and then say goodbye.  Joann and I end up bringing the food to my parents instead (now I’m late for dinner club too).  But anyway, Jo goes to pull out of my yard , and uh ohhhh….her  truck goes nowhere.  That’s right, she is stuck in the ice! (or so we think).  I run inside to get the keys to my truck and next thing you know, Joann is driving away!  It turns out the emergency brake was on hahahhaha!  Well, we got to dinner club and then finally my night turned around and was relaxing! Thank you to all the ladies who helped me to just enjoy my night!  After a day like that, I’m always happy to go to bed! 


2 Responses to “Refrigerater”

  1. Sarette Says:

    That’s horrible… I remember smelling gas in your kitchen on Sunday. We couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. What did you make for dinner club?

  2. jolittle Says:

    haha, i about burned a hole in your lawn car wheels spinning… burning rubber. Ha! It was lotsa good laughs that night Rach. 🙂

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