has it been that long…

the time flies by between postings…and yet I can’t say I’ve done anything earth shattering in the last week.  I’ve just been working and taking care of my kids.  I’m dying for a night out, hopefully that’ll somehow happen soon.  Work is getting better, I’ve been having a hard time with it lately, but it seems I’m getting back into my groove there.  The kids are doing great, they keep me so very busy, I feel like all I do all day is pick up toys, change diapers, and feed my kids, over and over and over again.  But when Aidan wraps his arms around my neck and says “lub you mom”, it seems all worth it!  


One Response to “has it been that long…”

  1. Sarette Says:

    We are both in need of a girls’ night next week!

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