Hey, I’m baaack (at least for now)

Hey there world, I feel like I haven’t been online in forever.  All is going well here in the Larkin household.  My work hasn’t been all that great (so pray for me), but other than that all is well.  I’m excited to start a new Bible study this Friday morning with Joann, its on the book of Daniel and I know it’s gonna be amazing (I’ll keep you posted).  I just hope Jo doesnt take any “Alli” before we meet!  Haha.  I got to have some girls over on Saturday night, just wanted to tell you guys I had a great time!  Hope we can meet again soon.  Well, I’m home with the kids today and so excited, we may be taking a trip to the mall to make a return for Mike, hopefully all goes well (you never know with two small kids), but Mere may be coming along as my “sidekick”.  Have a great day everyone, hopefully I’ll be back again soon! Cant wait for LP this Friday night, lets pray for NOOOOO SNOW!


2 Responses to “Hey, I’m baaack (at least for now)”

  1. Sarette Says:

    Saturday night was great, Rachel! I love hanging out with you 😀

  2. Faith Says:

    just confirming (again, you’re too funny) that I’m definately on for Saturday with Cammie girl….see you Friday!

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