Wednesday: and I hear snow is in the forcast

Okay, I’m so excited, I hear we are getting a decent amount of snow tomorrow night…Aidan is going to love it! And Michael will be busy outside with him all night tomorrow playing! Hopefully I can get some cute pics. The two of them are so cute together, this should be great!It seems like I tend to blog every other day, oh well. Anyway, yesterday I had off, and was able to spend a fun day at my bff Joann’s house ( you are awesome). The kids and I had a great time. I was also lucky because Sarette, Haylee, and Stacey all came over too and we got to sit and talk for awhile (as Aidan had me crawling around chasing him, good thing I can multi task). Anyway, at the end of our time together it was great to be able to see three girls come closer together, and it was great to spend time praying with them, and great to hear all about how they are spiritually. Our kids are just so amazing, the girls really have an awesome relationship with our heavenly Father and are so good at being honest about where they are spiritually! It was incredible to listen to them. It even spurred me on and I have decided it’s time to jump with both feet into this study of Daniel that I have been putting off. So, Jo Jo get ready, we are gonna dive in with both feet, and meet our Savior like never before. I am so excited! Oh, Cammie is calling me!!! I must go!

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3 Responses to “Wednesday: and I hear snow is in the forcast”

  1. jolittle Says:

    I love when you guys come over… I am usually alone
    :(…. yes! I am ready I need to be in a study…
    let me know when you want to come over… love you

  2. rachel Says:

    I don’t know, maybe Tuesday??? Or we can do Wed/Fri morning? Which is best for you?

  3. Sarette Says:

    I’m glad we inspired you, Rachel! And thank you so much for that.

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