Monday: and it’s almost over, thank goodness

Well, I missed posting yesterday, the day just flies by.  All was well, Mike and I got to go out with Aidan and get our Christmas tree together.  Aidan was adorable, he really enjoyed himself and we got some great pics.  He loves to be with his dad, and copy everything he does.  God has really blessed me with those two, I am the luckiest woman alive.  If Aidan turns out to be half the man of his father, that would be just awesome to me!  Anyway, Mondays are always so busy with work and all, and by the end of the day I am exhausted.  All in all I had a pretty rough day, but now the kids are both sleeping and Michael is out for the evening, so I got to have some time just me and the Lord, and can I say God is just so amazing.  After a day and night like today it’s so refreshing to read and remember that I don’t need to be anxious for anything, but instead pray about everything.  And then to know that I really can do anything through Christ who gives me strength! I love knowing after a day like today, I am not alone, instead God is going to give me strength to get through everything and anything!  How lucky I really am! His love for me, and for us, it’s just indescribable!  


One Response to “Monday: and it’s almost over, thank goodness”

  1. faithwilson Says:

    Oh Rachel, you’re an awesome mom. Just listen to you! God does give us strength for everything. You inspired me just reading this and of course listening to your voice mail today too. Thank you!

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