Wow this is all so new to me…

So here I am starting my first “blog”…I was so excited about it up until this point, and now that it’s staring me in the face, I can say I’m a little nervous about this new little endeavor.  Normally we would have had LP tonight, but as fate would have it, the weather turned out to be a problem so we decided to cancel.  Then we realized we had a free Friday night on our hands and what would we do with that??  We had a great evening with our kids, but at the same time I sure hope we don’t have to cancel LP again…oh and I really missed the fun comments I would have heard from the kids after playing paintball!  Who knows maybe Faith, Gerri, Joann, and I will sign up for the last week and really kick some tail!  LOL!


3 Responses to “Wow this is all so new to me…”

  1. dewilsonx Says:

    that would be hilarious

  2. faithwilson Says:

    I want to play so let’s do it!!! we can challenge the “guy’s” team!

  3. rachellarkin Says:

    you know what donny that makes me want to play even more and kick your butt

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